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Please help me welcome Linda to the blog today.  I had the pleasure of reading one of her book Forget Me Not and loved it so much I talked to Linda about being a guest.  

Babs….Have you always wanted to write?  If not when did the mood hit you?

I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I was a kid. I wrote my first short stories in high school. I started my first novel in college. It was really bad–it will never see the light of day. I failed to realize that novels need to have things like a plot and more than two characters! I wrote throughout my twenties but never finished a novel. Discouraged, I took time off writing while I focused on getting married, starting a family, buying a house, and establishing my career. After my son was born and I became a self-employed freelance editor, the itch to write really returned full force, but it wasn’t until he started preschool that I was able to find the time to complete a novel. That novel was Forget-Me-Not.
Babs….What do you hope your readers get out of Forget Me Not?

I just hope people enjoy it and are entertained by it. I get a lot of comments from readers who describe it as a page-turner and say that the book really keeps moving. Many people get hooked and read it in a weekend. I love to hear that.

Babs….What book are you reading right now or just finished?

I’m catching up on books by an old favorite, Jo Beverly.  I’m reading Something Wicked and just finished Dark Champion. Both books have very dark, tortured heroes, which I’m fond of. I think Beverly really has a nice way with them. Jacob, the hero of Forget-Me-Not, is pretty tortured too. As a writer, it’s a challenge to keep them from tipping over the line into unlikeable.

Babs….Do you have a special place your write or any special rituals you have, ie coffee, tea, food, etc?

I write in my office after my son has left for school for the day. Being an early morning writer, coffee is an absolute necessity. I write until about 10 AM or so, when I switch to my “day job.” It’s a nice space to write in. When the weather is mild enough to have the windows open, I can hear frogs and birds out at the nearby pond while I work. 

Babs….Will we see any more projects?  Do you mind sharing a bit about it?

I have another book out called Montana Belle, a historical western novella, also available from The Wild Rose Press. It’s the story of Augusta Springer, who has been sent back east for school. When her brother abruptly dies, her widowed father needs an heir. He calls her back home to the Montana ranch she loathes and tries to arrange a marriage for her to a childhood friend, Joshua Bradley. She’s always been attracted to Joshua, but she doesn’t know if she can leave her new life back east behind.

Babs…..If you had to pick which character in your book who would you have been and why?

I think it would be Augusta. She’s got a lot of sass! Plus, I’m a history buff and would love to live in another time and place. That’s part of why I read and write historical romance, among other genres. Forget-Me-Not is romantic suspense, which I love too. I’m also currently shopping a contemporary romance novel to various agents. 

Babs….Favorite Food?

Oh, this one is torture. Having been recently diagnosed with prediabetes, I’m doing the low carb thing, so of course craving all the things I can’t have: bread, pie, pizza, muffins. The list goes on. I can still work Lindt chocolate into my eating plan in small doses, of course, so I’ll go with that one as my favorite!
Babs….Anything you would like to add or links to share?

Sure. Readers can check out blurbs and excerpts at lindamorriswriter.blogspot.comor follow me on Twitter at @LMorrisWriter. Both of my books have been published by The Wild Rose Press. You can buy my books at their web site ( or at Thanks so much for having me at your blog!

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